Escape From New York- Movie Review

I've been trying to write movie reviews for the better part of a decade. How is it that I never watched Escape From New York?  All that really matters though, is that I watched it yesterday and found that it lived up to its 1980s campy hype. In a near-future with (naturally) a dystopian feeling… Continue reading Escape From New York- Movie Review


Frenetic Nostalgic Angst in OPN’s “Garden of Delete.”

In my experience, many of my peers, all in the tail-end of the millennial generation, have a special appreciation for the shining synth and electronic basis of various film scores. The likes of films such as Drive and It Follows are often more renowned for their soundtracks and original scores more so than their direction… Continue reading Frenetic Nostalgic Angst in OPN’s “Garden of Delete.”